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A documentary that explores the destructive paradox at the heart of utopian desire through the lives of six characters, each living in a different place called Paradise across the length and breadth of Mexico.


Looking for Paradise is an exploration into the destructive paradox at the heart of utopian desire. The documentary unfolds through the lives of six individuals, each of whom live in different places called Paradise across Mexico; a ranch-owner in Chihuahua, a zookeeper in Querétaro, a school teacher in San Luis Potosi, a restaurant owner in Colima, a landowning single mother in Oaxaca, and an oil refinery worker in Tabasco. The narrative weaves these Paradises together, creating connections between the characters, their conflicts, and the stories behind their land; landscapes that have suffered the consequences of mankind’s search for paradise. Through these stories the film bears witness to the climate crisis, heavens and hells on earth, community, love, survival in the face of destruction and hope against all the odds.