El Paraíso, Veracruz • 19.42654, -96.35749

Once upon a time, the town was known as ‘La Charca’ (The Pond) thanks to its propensity to flood during the rainy season. At that time, prior to its name change in 1966 and for a time after, the only transport available was horseback. It’s said that many a horse arrived on its knees due to the enormous effort entailed in wading through innumerable boggy pools of water.

Rafael & A Woman Clothed with the Sun

It turned out that this Paradise was actually called ‘Paradise of the Flowers’.

Antojitos Pau

“This business was my dream. It’s an honour to serve each visitor who arrives; a glass of water, however little, we offer it humbly, from the heart.”

~ Paulina Callejas Hernández, Owner ‘Antojitos Pau’

… I would like it if we had a little more government support so that our town could flourish and become better known because we have a lot of potential.

~ David Leonardo Callejaz Ruíz, Director of folk dance group ‘Tlayolotl’

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