El Paraíso, Colima • 18.87573, -103.99123

On the only road into El Paraíso, on the right hand side, just as you enter, sits an enormous abandoned hotel…

Doña Lety & The White Powder Empire

Directly opposite the hotel sits the humble little town church. If you stand inside the church and look out the double doors, you can see into the ruined lobby…

… a face-off between heaven and hell.

The turtle roundabout marks the intersection between the two main roads; the first which brings you into the town and finishes at the beach and the second that runs along parallel to the shore.

Hotel Paraíso

We stayed at Hotel Paraíso, the very first hotel to open in the town, in the 1950s.

Of the 60 rooms available, just two were occupied.

Raúl ‘El Güero’

Raúl has lived in El Paraíso his whole life. He told us that the destruction and decay of the hotel was due to hurricanes… but off-camera he divulged a completely different story.

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